Occupational health service in Budapest


The Labour Protection Act requires occupational health service to be provided to every person employed in organized work in Hungary.

We offer high level of occupational health care services at a low cost for your firm! Beside this compulsory service we offer beneficial health care programs as different kind of screenings, and health promotion activities.

Hungarian health care system can not provide the quality, what you need –on the other hand our services and medical fees are low. That is why it is very cost effective to use our service to avoid absenteeism, decrease illnesses, and get a healtier manpower

Low cost:
we undertake your company's compulsory occupational health service
we cover the legislative requirements
we ease the administration, and make the communication transparent between HR, work safety and occupational health
we organize our service flexibly

High quality:
health promotion activities of our contracted partners were also awarded as the healthier workplace. You can reach the same result!
we can help reduce the number of sick leave at work
we have wide experience from one or two person micro-businesses, to foreign multinational companies
if you choose us, you can be sure of service quality, flexibility and healthier manpower.

Moderate price, high quality, healthier manpower –more productivitiy
Take advantage of our special offer!

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Price list of our Basic Occupational health Services:
Groups Legal recommended price 40%-os discount
"D" Occupational health group of employees 11.500 HUF/employee/year 6.900 HUF/employee/year
"C" Occupational health group of employees 15.300 HUF/employee/year 9.180 HUF/employee/year
"B" Occupational health group of employees 19.500 HUF/employee/year 11.700 HUF/employee/year
"A" Occupational health group of employees 23.000 HUF/employee/year 13.800 HUF/employee/year

(Discount is valid in case of more than 5 employees.)

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