Occupational health service in Budapest


#Basic Occupational Health Services
The main purpose of basic occupational health service is to assess the suitability of a worker to carry out certain jobs, and prevent work related illnesess.

The following types of occupational health examinations are carried out by us:
Pre-assignment (pre-employment) health examinations
Periodic health examinations
Return to work health examinations
Health examinations at termination or after ending of service

Occupational health service co-operate in:
Examine working conditions possibly hazardous to health.
Make recommendations regarding safety equipment
Plan First Aid courses
Occupational health care, physiology , ergonomy and hygiene
Accident prevention and rehabilitation program development
Employee rehabilitation
Arranging emergency care

Additional Services

Incredible benefits that a company can realize when implementing a health promotion program at work. Aside from the obvious benefit of having happy, healthy employees; by implementing such a program your company can make huge amount of money each year:
in healthcare costs
improving the productivity of their workforce
Enhancing your Company Image

We collect a suitable health promotion activities to cover your company’s special needs! Corporations with a large number of employees may request in-house medical consultations and examinations. Occupational health examinations and screening examinations for managers may be done together, in one single appointment, if requested.
We have a wide range of services from screening to primary prevention:

1. Primary prevention:
giving up smoking activities
office massage
vaccine administation
our special Complex individualized lifestyle program*

2. Secondary prevention:
manager screening - are collected accoring to the special need of your business (available services: ECG, laboratory tests /cholesterol, blood sugar etc./, ortopedic screening, dermatology screening, artery stress level screening, allergology screening etc.)
medical check for professional driver’s licence and for gun licence

3. Tertiary prevention:
internal medical service on working days (frequency as agreed: employees with complaint can be checked by a physician, treatment (if needed), prescribing prescriptions, curing patients with chronic illnesses)

*Our totally unique program gives your all staff personalized advice and targets on each aspects of healthy living, based on a health test, and a detailed examination.

On the other hand -if a sufficient number of employees participate in the test - the employer receives a series of (anonymous) statistical data on it’s employees: what e.g. the main reasons of stress, absenteeism, illness, or the inefficient workload are; and gives advice how to solve this problems.

The program can be repeated to check the progress of individuals and even the statistical data at corporate level!

Bring vitality to your company!

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