Occupational health service in Budapest


The documents can be downloaded for contracted partners.

1. Document, which helps co-operation between HR, work safety and occupational healthOften raise problems with communication between HR, work safety and occupational health regarding tasks and responsibilities. This document makes these relationship clear.
2. The regular contract between occupational health service and companyUsing a contract with the appropriate text (following the law) makes clear situations, and defines responsibilities.
3. Medical declarationUsing a perfectly edited pre-employment medical declaration can prevent employeer from unnecessary workplace lawsuits.
4. Document about absenteeism managementUsing this regulation ensure a lower absenteeism -only when is justified by a medical condition. Clear responsibilities regarding absence managing between HR, employees, line manager and occupational health.
5. Document about smoking at workIf you company would like to have lower absenteeism and more performance, you should use a regulation like this.
6. Document about epidemic managmentWhat to do in a pandemic, how to keep business continuity.
7. Sleep apnea testsHow to avoid accident at work and on the road? Sleep apnea is a common but curable disorder, which increases the chance of having work-related or driving accidents. These tests help identify employees suffer from sleep apnea syndrome.
8. Document about first aiders, their training, and protocol of resuscitationHow many first aiders your company needs, and how frequent training is necessary? Which are the most recommended protocols of first aid and resuscitation?